Talking with Spain: Vicente the Kioskero

‘El Kiosko’ (newsstand) is  an integral part of daily urban life  in Spain and has been for a long time. This week our interview for the “Talking with Spain” series is with Vicente , who is one of the  best known ‘kioskeros’  in Xativa and certainly the funniest.

Great Holidays in Spain

Vicente opening his newsstand

Vicente’s  kiosk is in a small  but busy square not far from the centre of  town. He has a steady flow of regular customers and is well known for his banter and his dry humour. And if business is quiet he will even invite you to a beer from the neighbouring bar. Whilst you  stand at his kiosk swigging back the  beer he tells you jokes and anecdotes about life as a “kioskero”.

Shortbreaks in Spain

The Kiosk

The interview.

How and when did  you start your ‘kiosko’ business?

I took my ‘oposiciones’ (official exams for the civil service),passed but there were no jobs for a long time and after waiting for a place and getting nothing,a friend of mine told me that there was a kiosk business up for sale. I grabbed the chance and set up business. That was in 1993.

Do you sell more newspapers and magazine or sweets?

Newspapers and magazines,definitely.

Food experience in Spain

Spanish Magazines

Which is your best selling newspaper or magazine?

El Pais (a national newspaper) or Levante (a regional newspaper).

Spanish food and wine

Vicente serving a customer

How has  the crisis affected your business?

It affects me as it affects alot of busineses. I sell less of everything. Business is not good at the moment but I am carrying on as best as possible.

What are your opening times and when do you go on holiday?

I open mornings and afternoon except Sundays which is only mornings. This year I have had a ten day holiday during fiestas. Before that I hadnt had a holiday in eight years.

Aunthentic Spain

The square where Vicente’s kiosko is

As you can see Vicente is a hard working, modest kind of guy but above all he has a great sense of humour and a stalwart attitude to life. If you are ever in Xativa and want to buy a newspaper and have a laugh , you know where to go.

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6 thoughts on “Talking with Spain: Vicente the Kioskero

  1. Vicente is my kind of guy. Although I’ll be moving to Benalmadena Costa in January, I’ll make sure to find my ‘kioskero’ as a matter of priority. As well as my bar for a cafe con leche.

  2. I love these kiosks which are a huge part of urban life. It must be a hard life for the kioskeros, especially during these times of austerity. Great service though

  3. Vicent must have liked what you wrote, because when we finished reading it he said “OK, I’ll give him back his lens cap.”