Staying Connected On Holiday

If you are visiting Spain on holiday or even for work staying connected to internet is nowadays very important for many people. For others a holiday is a chance to get away from the ratrace and the constant attention electronic gadgets demand of us.Many people just want to switch off,relax and forget. But for those who need to be “connected” either because of work,family or addiction there are good options for keeping in touch that are,in theory, cheaper than international roaming charges.

We organise holidays and food experiences and are away from home quite a lot of the time. Sometimes for a few days and other times longer. Staying connected to internet is a must for us as our holiday business is web based making it so important to be connected to our customers by email or social media.Logically mobile phones and free wifi in many places helps us to run the business smoothly but sometimes we go to places that are more of a challenge to get a good connection from.

Recently we were in NW Murcia which is a mixture of picturesque provincial towns and wild mountains and pine forests. We always have problems getting a decent connection in the house we stay in and  we also wanted to try a mifi which is like a mobile wifi unit in order to be able to recommend solutions to our customers who come to Spain and want to avoid paying high roaming charges for connecting to internet. The option we looked at was a little mifi unit which is supplied by Alldayinternet a company that operates this service in Spain out of Cantabria.They send the machine to the address where you are going to stay and then you post it back to them in a prepaid envelope.

The Mifi unit…easy to use

We used it to connect to internet for two laptops and one smartphone and we were pleasantly surprised that it worked very well. Whilst we tried it less in the wilds in the few places we did try it in the mountains it worked ok..similar to a normal mobile coverage. So there were places that it had limited coverage but in more populated rural and urban areas it worked very well and we were very pleased to be able to work uploading and downloading stuff on our laptops.

In terms of pricing one would have to compare the prices compared to your  international roaming charges, but you can connect up to five appliances through the gizmo so if you have two or more aplliances to connect through it, it should make significant savings but you would need to check this as each case is obviously different.

So we will be recommending this service to our customers who, although they have access to wifi in the hotels we use, tthey can use this service which literally gives them connection all day for phones,notebooks or laptops.

If you’re interested check out their website

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  1. I think if I got one of these K would kill me – she already despairs at the amount of time I spend online. I didn’t know about the service though – seems like a great idea!