Photos of Spain.

Photographers like Spain for many reasons; the amazing scenery,architecture,food,cities,mountains and wildlife but I always remember years ago a professional photographer once said to me,whilst talking about Spain, “What I really love about working in Spain is the light.” And over the years the number of times I have ¬†thought to myself,”That guy was so right” are countless.


Sunrise in Murcia

The types of light vary. Places and scenery can change the light and, of course, the time of day,the weather but the sunshine here really does make taking photos so much fun.The light can be intense,bright,subtle,brilliant and much more.

Sheep in Spain

A flock in the middle of summer

I love taking photos and spend a lot of my free time in the countryside or visiting “pueblos” snapping away. I take loads of very bad stuff but occasionally I take quite pleasing photos…pleasing because it gives me a certain amount of satisfaction to create something that captures a scene,sunrise,a person albeit nowadays it is ‘point and click’.

Cycling in Valencia

Valencia’s main park

I love shooting nature but most of all birds of prey. Unfortunately my zoom lens is far too small to take really super shots but now and then I get some fun shots.

Wildlife in Spain

Fox on a mid summer’s evening

I think above all it is a hobby that takes me to places in the countryside which are fabulously wild or off the beaten track.Spain is still a country with so much to explore and discover. It is huge with so much space.

barren land

Stork and tree

There are whole swathes of wild country in places like Teruel, Cuenca, Zamora, Soria, Huesca,parts of Andalucia like Sierra Nevada and Cazorla,also Leon,Asturias and many more.And towns,castles,abandoned houses,and great scenery. An endless supply of places to snap.

Desert life

A little owl in Almeria

Really Spain is a photographer’s paradise.


Friends in sunshine

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12 thoughts on “Photos of Spain.

  1. Fantastic photos, Paddy.

    Spain is a great place to capture the most amazing photos – mainly because it’s an amazing place. I count myself very fortunate to have made Spain my home, and I’m sure you do too.

    • Thanks Robin for commenting. I like the flock one ,too, as I had been sitting on a mountainside for about two hours waiting for some eagles to make an appearancewhen the sheep suddenly appeared and all following each other….

  2. It ‘s just a moment what it take, to be remember for ever…
    Nice pictures, simple words, pure feelings…