Devour Spain on a Madrid Food Tour

As you know one our great interests is Spanish food and wine and the trips we,The Spanish Thyme Traveller, organise in Valencia and Teruel  are very much based on trying great local dishes and wines. During our own journey of setting up and establishing our  business we have met alot of people and made alot of friends who have given us encouragement and praise. One of these is Lauren Aloise, a young American entrepeneur from Massachusetts, who has recently set up her own company, Madrid Food Tour, which specialises in organising food tours in Madrid. Lauren has an enthusiasm and love for Spanish cuisine which is contagious. The ideal guide with insider knowledge(she is married to a Spaniard), Lauren  knows  all the best places to try Spanish delicacies in the capital. So if you are in Madrid and want a truly memorable gastronomic experience then contact Lauren. Here below she gives us an idea of what her food tours are about:

Lauren shows off some delicious olives

Get a Taste of Spanish Cuisine in Madrid

From its snow capped mountains to island volcanoes, there is no doubt that Spain is a geographically diverse country. Its diversity allows for an incredible variety of Spanish micro cultures, each with their own local slang (or even separate language), fun festivals, and unique cuisine. Almost anywhere you go in Spain you will find local food and drink specialties– and they’re likely delicious.

In Madrid, people from all around Spain have settled to live and work, and many have brought with them their local cuisine. From cold Andalusian gazpacho to Basque style pinchos and Valencian paella, Madrid is able to offer a taste of the entire country without ever having to leave the city.

Madrid also has its own local delicacies, from its hearty cocido stew to its delicious fried calamari sandwiches. Anyone who tells you that Madrid doesn’t have an exciting cuisine hasn’t taken the time to find it.

I, however, have been taking advantage of Madrid’s eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, and international cuisines since I first moved here, trying two or three new places per week (and I still have a very long list to go!). My passion for Spanish cuisine and background in hospitality and tourism led me to create a food tour company that offers visitors a chance to experience Spanish food as a local would, a challenge in a city filled with culinary tourist traps.

What Is a Madrid Food Tour?

Small and intimate (usually no more than six people) our tours are like meeting up with a close friend who will show you the best local spots, and recommend the most typical things to try. You can rest assured that you will leave the city with a good understanding of Spanish cuisine, its history, its cultural importance and you will also likely discover some new favorite foods and drinks!

Tour guests enjoy crispy churros with hot chocolate

The Signature Tasting Tour

Our signature tour starts in the morning, as the city is still coming alive. Over the course of four hours we taste our way around the center of Madrid, trying everything from pastries and candies to tapas and charcuterie. We tour two important Madrid markets, and learn about the food history behind each place we visit. Adults can partake in wine tasting, or opt for trying something new, like a dry Spanish sherry or sweet vermouth. After four hours of small bites, our guests leave happy and well fed, most ready for an afternoon siesta!

In one of the markets José carves prized Jamón Ibérico.

Other Madrid Food Tours

 As a new company, we are always thinking of ideas for new tours and experiences having to do with food and wine. At the moment, we offer custom tours, and will always try our best to meet our customers’ needs. Here are some of the customized tours we’ve done in the past:

Gourmet Tapas Tour: In the upscale Salamanca neighborhood, we visit various tapas bars where a fantastic tapa is paired with wine.

A tapa of stewed bull tail is a must on the gourmet tour.

Bizarre Foods Tour: If you love the idea of eating strange foods, this tour will be perfect for you. From ears and kidneys, to intestine stew and blood pudding, Spain is full of delicious “bizarre” favorites.

Snouts and tongues are some of the strange foods we may try on this tour

Spanish Drink Tour: Spain is famous for some fantastic alcoholic beverages– take this tour to find out about what Spaniards drink, and when!

Cheers to amazing Spanish wines!

The goal of Madrid Food Tour is to have each of our guests leave Spain as enthusiastic as we are about Spanish cuisine. We are confident that our tours will leave guests craving Spanish food for years to come, and hopefully will tempt them to return to Spain again soon.

If you would like more information about a Madrid Food Tour, please get in touch:


Phone: (0034) 695 95 81 87


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