A different glimpse of Spain:a “partial” photoblogpost

Everyone who  travels enjoy different aspects of the journey or maybe all of them be it food,culture, customs,architecture,wine,history,nature, or relaxation or maybe other things.Whilst travelling most of us take pictures to “freeze” our memories in time  and preserve something to take  away with us. And often we take the same old photos that have probably been taken by hundreds of thousands of people before us even though we feel our photo is original. Of course it is original because it is our moment and our particular memory but I have a little side hobby (besides loads of others!) which is taking  photos of things we might not always see because we might not look as closely as we could.Maybe it’s out of curiosity or maybe I am just plain nosey but I like looking through gaps in fences,gates,windows of abandoned buildings and snapping whatever is there.Many times I can’t even see  the interior of a building properly because it is too dark but my camera can pick up light.So here are a couple of photos which are not beautiful but they are partial views of my part of Spain.Some are weird and some are fun and some are predictable. All are glimpses.
Abandoned building next to a bullring(mushrooms growing in the dark?)
Town hall in Rubielos
Tunnel between a church and a  a private building,Teruel
Abandoned house in Teruel
Gate in a Turolense village
Abandoned house in Valencia
Winegrowing area of Mogente/Fontanares in Valencia
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A gate with a view(Albarracin,Teruel)
Old stuff in a castle  in a Teruel village
Morning after St.Antonio’s bonfire(imagine the size of it the day before!),Fontanares de Alforins,Valencia

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